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  •   Arati Rao
  •   Girija Easwaran
  •   Harold S. Powers
  •   Hema Ramanathan
  •   Hemalatha R
  •   Jayalakshmi R S
  •   Krishna T M
  •   Latha R
  •   Madhumohan, Komaragiri
  •   Margaret Bastin
  •   Nandhini M
  •   Nandini Sharma Anand
  •   Narayanaswami, P. P.
  •   Okazaki Yasuhiro
  •   Premalatha V
  •   Priyashri V Rao
  •   Ramanathan N
  •   Richard Widdess
  •   Ritha Rajan
  •   Rowell, Lewis E
  •   Sathyanarayana R
  •   Scanner
  •   Seetha S
  •   Shekar Raghavan
  •   Shyamala Kannan Nair
  •   Subramanian M
  •   Subroto Roy
  •   Suguna Varadachari
  •   Veerapandian S.A.
  •   Vidya Jayaraman
  •   Vijayakumar , Alathoor
  •   Vijayalakshmi N
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    This Website ‘’ is devoted to the area of Research in Music. Among the two sections, Research and Documentation constituting this website, the Documentation part is being gradually moved to the sister website -

    The periodical News Letter, after a long break, is being despatched. The News Letter will focus on the additions to the Music Research Library. The details of the content of the Music Research Library can be downloaded through the link given in the Home Page of the too has had additions. The two printed books, 'Rāga-lakṣaṇasaṅgraha' by Hema Ramanathan and 'Musical Forms in Saṅgītaratnākara' by N Ramanathan are being made available in pdf format. The scan copy of the book 'Essays in Tāla and Laya' by N Ramanathan too has been placed but in addition the individual articles in their revised format are also being separately placed.

    A monograph in Tamiz, titled 'Terms in the Cilappadikāram and its Urai-s' by N Ramanathan, has been added. Reacting to the interpretation of some terms found in the monographs, namely, 'Tūkku', Pāṇi, Koṭṭu and Acai,  two research articles were received from Dr. S A Veerapandian and Mrs.Vidya Jayaraman. These articles too have been placed in this website.

    Thus a beginning is being made to encourage academic exchanges on technical issues. We invite other scholars also send their reactions to research articles placed in the website.

    The contents of this website arranged in the descending order of date of upload, can be downloaded from the link in this Home Page.


                                                                                                               n ramanathan

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