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  •   Girija Easwaran
  •   Harold S. Powers
  •   Hema Ramanathan
  •   Hemalatha R
  •   Jayalakshmi R S
  •   Krishna T M
  •   Latha R
  •   Leelavathy G
  •   Madhumohan, Komaragiri
  •   Margaret Bastin
  •   Nandhini M
  •   Nandini Sharma Anand
  •   Narayanaswami, P. P.
  •   Premalatha V
  •   Priyashri V Rao
  •   Ramanathan N
  •   Richard Widdess
  •   Ritha Rajan
  •   Rowell, Lewis E
  •   Sathyanarayana R
  •   Scanner
  •   Seetha S
  •   Shekar Raghavan
  •   Shyamala Kannan Nair
  •   Subramanian M
  •   Subroto Roy
  •   Suguna Varadachari
  •   Veerapandian S.A.
  •   Vidya Jayaraman
  •   Vijayakumar , Alathoor
  •   Vijayalakshmi N
  •   Yasuhiro Okazaki
  • About the Scholar contributors

    Arati Rao Arati Rao is a Veena Player who has learnt the Veena from Vidushi Smt. Kamala Swamy of Nagpur, Vidushi Smt. E.P. Alamelu of Bangalore and late Vidwan Sri R.K. Srinivasamurthy of Bengaluru. She is learning vocal music from Dr. Sukanya Prabhakar of Mysuru and Veena from Dr. R.S. Jayalakshmi of Chennai. She completed her Vidwath in Veena (Govt. of Karnataka), M.Music in Vocal Music from the University of Madras and Ph.D. in Music from the University of Mysore. E-mail:
    Girija Easwaran Mrs. Girija Easwaran (nee Shankar), learnt singing from Sri. P.N.Padmanabhan (Mumbai) and Nanganallur Sri V.Ramanathan. A student of Madras University, she completed her BA (1988-91), MA (1993-95) and M.Phil. (2001) in Music. In addition she has also qualified herself for the B.Sc. degree and D.M.L.T. She received the Senior Research Fellowship of the Department of Culture, of the Government of India (2002) and worked on a project preparing a database of Descriptions of Tala and Tala-dasa-prana. She is registered for research towards PhD degree at the University of Madras. At present she is working in the New Catalogus Catalogorum Project at the Department of Sanskrit, University of Madras. E-mail:
    Harold S. Powers Late Dr. Powers is a well known musicologist, who retired as a Professor of Music from the Princeton University, USA. A write up about the scholar can be found in this website – . For obvious reasons the email address of the host of this website has been provided. E-mail:
    Hema Ramanathan Hema Ramanathan received the M.A. Degree in Philosophy and Diplomas in Karnataka Music (Vocal) and Karnataka Music (Violin) from the Banaras Hindu University. She completed the M.Phil. Degree in Samskrta at The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute, affiliated to the University of Madras. Her book "Ragalakshanasangraha (Collection of Raga Descriptions) from Treatises on Music of the Mela Period with translation and notes" was published in 2004. She has translated the book, "Bharatiya Sangita mein Tala aur Rupa Vidhana" (Hindi)by Dr. Subhadra Chaudhary into English. It was published under the title "Time Measure and Compositional Types in Indian Music" in 1997. She has assisted Dr. Mrs. Sundari Siddhartha in editing and translating the Samsk¤ta work on Poetics, "Sarasvatikanthabharanam of Bhoja", published by The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi E-mail:
    Hemalatha R Dr. Hemalatha Rangarajan qualified for M.A. Indian Music, (1994), M.Phil. (1996) and Ph.D. (2002) from the University of Madras. “A Study of Desiraga-s of Post Ratnakara period’ and ‘A Study of the Ragangaraga-s in the Sangita-sampradaya-pradarsini of Subbarama Diksitar’ are respectively the titles of her M.Phil. and Ph.D. dissertations. She is a professional violinist and has accompanied all the leading Karnataka musicians in their concert performances in India and abroad. E-mail:
    Jayalakshmi R S Dr. Mrs. R.S. Jayalakshmi is a Vina artist and had her training under Vina Vidvans Late Sri V.Raghavan and R.Pichumani Ayyar. She also learnt some special compositions like Padam and Javali from Smt. T. Muktha. She has been performing Vina concerts in All India Radio and Television as B-high graded artist for several years. She was on the faculty of the Department of Indian Music, University of Madras, from 1977 to 2004. Her M.Phil. dissertation entitled "Raga lakshanatthil Aarohanam - Avarohanam" (Tamizh) (Aarohanam-avarohanam as the characteristic of a Râga) has been published as a book in December 1999. The subject of her Ph.D. thesis was "Subbarama Dikshitarin Sangita-sampradaya-pradasini-yil Vilakkappattulla Gamakangal" (Tamizh) (Gamakas explained in Sangita-sampradaya-pradarsini of Subbarama Diksitar’. She has also presented Research Papers and Lecture-Demonstrations at various conferences E-mail:
    Krishna T M Vidvan T.M. Krishna is at the forefront of classical vocalists in India today and is known in the musical world as a classicist. His tremendous stage presence, his awe inspiring voice, his great scholarship and his ability to transcend cultural borders makes him a great representaive of Carnatic classical music. A multi-faceted personality, he contributes to Carnatic music in numerous ways other than performing. He has started and is involved in many organisations whose work spreads across the whole spectrum of Carnatic music including, research, archiving and documentations, taking Carnatic music to various parts of society and to smaller towns and villages, conducting festivals focused at the youth, supporting artists from rural south India who need opportunities to widen their horizons and spotting youth talent and giving them opportunities. He conducts creativity workshops for corporates and has lectured in various organisations like IIM Bangalore, IIT Madras, CII, and Harvard University. He is an author who has coauthored "Voices within" a book dedicated to some of the greats of Carnatic music and contributes regularly to various journals and newspapers. He has also, for many years, been in the forefront to raise many sensitive issues that affect Carnatic music. E-mail:
    Latha R Miss R. Latha is a singer and had her training under Mrs. Prema Hariharan and Mrs. Suguna Varadachari. She qualified for the M.Phil. degree in 1999 and the title of her dissertation is “Nyasa-svara in Raga’. At present as a recipient of the Junior Fellowship of the Department of Culture, Government of India, she is working on the musical compositions in the book “Sangitasarvarthasarasangrahamu” (1857) of Vina Ramanuja and in the books of Tacchur Singaracharyulu Brothers E-mail:
    Leelavathy G Dr. Smt. G. Leelavathy, hails from a family of musicians, and also underwent training from Koranadu Sadaiyappa Pillai, D K Jayaraman and T. R. Subramanian. She has been performing Kacceri-s and also served as a music teacher in K K Nirmala Girls Higher Secondary School, Chennai and later at Tamiz Icaik Kalluri. She did her BA and MA in Music at the University of Madras and was also awarded the degree of Ph.D. for her dissertation on '1950 varai Tamizil veli vanda Icai Nulgal" (Music publications in Tamiz till 1950). Mob: 9790314292; Web Site:; E-mail:
    Madhumohan, Komaragiri Madhumohan Komaragiri was awarded PhD in 2005 for his fundamental research on Pitch Analysis in Karṇṭaka music from the Madras University under the guidance of Prof. N. Ramanathan. He is a performing artist in Karṇṭaka vocal music. He is also a licensed professional electrical design engineer with the nuclear power industry in Canada. He may be reached via his website at / E-mail:
    Margaret Bastin Dr. Sister Maragaret Bastin received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Madras for her critical study of ‘Viplunanda Adigal’s Yazhnul’. She has held teaching positions in Tamil Nadu Government Music College, Queen Mary’s College and Mother Teresa University and at present is the Prinicipal of the Kalaikaviri College of Fine Arts, Tiruchirappalli. She is a singer, a vina performer and a Bharatanatyam dancer. She presented papers and lecture-demonstrations in India and abroad and has authored many books and articles. Audio recordings of her singing have been featured in many Compact Disc releases. E-mail:
    Nandhini M Miss. Nandhini Muthuswamy is a well known violinist, proficient in both Karnataka and Western systems, and is the younger sister of the famous Lalitha-Nandini duo. She has a post-graduate degree in Music as well as in Information Science. She is a recipient of the Charles Wallace Fellowship and is pursuing a course in M.A. (Ethnomusicology) at the School of Oriental and African Studies at London, UK E-mail:
    Nandini Sharma Anand Mrs. Nandini Sharma Anand is a renowned singer and is at present busy singing for Bharatanatyam, mainly for Mrs. Sudharani Raghupathy and her students. She has toured USA, Canada and other countries. She completed her MA in Music as a student of the Department of Indian Music, University of Madras in 1994 She was also awarded the Junior Research Fellowship of UGC but discontinued her research pursuits after two years to take to full time singing E-mail:
    Narayanaswami, P. P. Dr. P. P. Narayanaswami, M.A (Madras) Ph.D (Dalhousie University, Canada) is a Professor of Mathematics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John,s Newfoundland, Canada. (recently retired). He has been a faculty at St. Joseph's College, Calicut, and Panjab University, Chandigarh before moving to Canada. Outside his mathematical activities (research and teaching), he is a Rasika of Indian Music, genuinely interested in the beauties of Karnatik Music, its literature, and scholarly compositions. He has served in the Editorial Board of "Sangeetham" (a newsletter of CMANA - Carnatic Music Association of North America). He has written expository articles on Karnatik music in "Sangeetham" and various musical souvenirs in North America and Australia (SrutiRanjani of Philadelphia, Keerthana of Melbourne, Sa Pa Sa Vancouver, etc). He is a regular contributor to the Website "Carnatica" ( (based in Chennai) since its inception in 1999, and has been consistently writing thematic and expository articles in their "Special features" and "Raganubhava" segment, as well as contributing regularly to their "Composition and Stotra Bank". Recently, he has been actively involving in a project to generate an English Web Edition of Subbarama Dikshitar's mammoth Encyclopedia, "Sangita Sampradaya Pradarshini". He developed all the necessary macros for various Gamaka symbols and style files to typeset that scholarly work using LaTeX/pdfLaTeX. The typing of the entire material is now complete. The material (in PDF format) is now available at E-mail:
    Premalatha V Dr. Mrs. V Premalatha has obtained her doctorate in music (2001) from Madras University for the study of Manuscripts in music, as part of the thesis. She has prepared a consolidated catalogue of Music manuscripts available in various indian and foreign libraries. She was the recipient of the National Fellowship in Art - Music (Junior) awarded by the Sangeet Natak Akademi (2003-5). She has presented research papers at various seminars and a few have been published in leading journals. She is now working as a Lecturer in the Department of Music, at the Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. E-mail:
    Priyashri V Rao Dr. Mrs.Priyashri Venkat is a Bharatanatyam exponent, a Singer and a Nattuvanar and had her training in Kalakshetra, Chennai. A performer, scholar and teacher, Mrs. Priyashri as a student of the University of Madras, qualified for the M.Phil. degree in 1998 (title of the Dissertation - ‘An Analysis of A Bharatanatyam Composition - Relation Between Music, Drumming And Dance Movements’) and Ph.D. degree in 2005 (title - “Dance Performance and its Components – A Historical Study”). She was also the recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship of the UGC. She is a member of the Samskrta Ranga, and has acted in the Sanskrta dramas presented by the organisation E-mail:
    Ramanathan N Born in 1946, Professor N Ramanathan, took his Bachelor's Degree in Violin (South Indian Art Music) from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati and Master's Degree and Ph.D. Degree in Musicology from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He taught and guided research in the Department of Indian Music at the University of Madras since 1978 and retired in 2004 E-mail:
    Richard Widdess Dr. Richard Widdess, is the Professor of Musicology and Research Tutor, at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, United Kingdom. His expertise is in the Music of South Asia; historical ethnomusicology; theory and methods of musical transcription and analysis. His main areas of Research are History and analysis of South Asian music, including: history of raga; historical music notations; the dhrupad style of North Indian vocal music; analysis of performance in Indian classical music; Newar music. He is the author of two books 'The Ragas of Early Indian Music' (1995) and 'Dhrupad: tradition and performance in Indian music' (with Dr.Ritwik Sanyal, 2004). He has also contributed long articles on the Music of India and Nepal to 'The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians' and 'The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments'. E-mail:
    Ritha Rajan Dr. Ritha Rajan is a professional singer having undergone training under Thiru Ramanathapuram Krishnan and Tmt. T.Brinda. For her research on the subject ‘Pathantara-s in the compositions of Musical Trinity’ conducted in the Department of Indian Music, University of Madras she was awarded the Ph.D. degree. She taught at the Queen Mary's College, Chennai from where she retired as the Professor and Head of the Music Department. E-mail:
    Rowell, Lewis E Dr. Rowell, Emeritus Professor, jacobs School of Music and India Studies programs, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, has taught previously at the Universities of Oklahoma, Cincinnati, and Hawaii, and has held research fellowships from the Rockefeller Foundation and the American Institute of Indian Studies. He is the author of books and articles on time and rhythm, the history of music theory, the philosophy of music, and the music of India. A founding member of the Society for Music Theory, he has held several offices in the Society and edited the journal Music Theory Spectrum from 1983-85. He was designated as Indiana University's Distinguished Faculty Research Lecturer for 1993-94. His most recent book is Music and Musical Thought in Early India (University of Chicago Press, 1992), which won the Otto Kinkeldey Award from the American Musicological Society in 1993. In 1999 the University of Rochester presented him with the Rochester Distinguished Scholar Medal. In 2003 his article on "New Temporal Horizons and the Theory of Music" received the ASCAP Deems Taylor Award from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. E-mail:
    Sathyanarayana R Mahamahopadhyaya Dr.R.Sathyanarayana is one of the foremost thinkers and writers in the field of Art (especially Indian music and Indian dancing) in modern India. He is broadbased in several physical sciences, humanistic and indological disciplines. He has published numerous books including critical editions, translations, commentaries, annotations etc. of original Sanskrit texts on music and dancing, monographs, original creative works, popularisations, research papers etc. on these cognate subjects. Major areas of his interest and activity include systematic textual criticism, textual interpretation with contemporary relevance, interdisciplinal studies, performance-oriented reconstruction and revival of ancient and medieval compositions in music and dance. He is a noted guru in the Srividya tantra of Kaadimata and Aanandabhairava sampradaya. E-mail:
    Scanner Scanner is a dummy author for all the documents that have been generated through scanning. Any queries relating to these documents may be directed to E-mail:
    Seetha S Dr. S.Seetha, is a vina artist, graded 'A' by the All India Radio and received the degree of M.Litt and Ph.D. in music, from the University of Madras. She taught and guided research at the Department of Indian Music, University of Madras, from 1963 to 1991 and retired as its Professor and Head. She has to her credit two books 'Tanjore As A Seat of Music' and 'Ragalaksanamu of Sahaji' and numerous articles. E-mail:
    Shekar Raghavan Shekar Raghavan is a lay music listener from Mumbai. Owing to having always lived in that city, he has had considerable exposure to and takes enjoyment from Carnatic, Hindustani (Khayal as well as Dhrupad) and Sufi music. He ranks Tamil the chief among the useful things he learnt at school, and has an abiding love for that language. Shekar has been fortunate enough to have scholars and musicians explain him the nuances of art and poetry, and feels enriched by whatever little that he has succeeded in imbibing. e-mail: E-mail:
    Shyamala Kannan Nair Dr. Shyamala Vinod nee Shyamala Kannan Nair is a singer and completed her M.A. and M.Phil. in Indian from the University of Madras. She worked on the topic ‘An Examination of Disputes regarding the Authorship of Musical Compositions with Special Reference to the Compositions of Savti Tirunal’ for her M.Phil. thesis. She was awarded the Ph.D. degree by the Sri Padmavathi Mahila Vishwavidyalaya for her thesis on a comparative study of the Maqams of Arabic Music and the Raga-s of Karnataka music. E-mail:
    Subramanian M Born 1933 has his Research Degree (M.Sc.) in Chemistry, he retired as the Post Master General of the Government of India. A Vainika (learnt under Dr.S.Ramanthan, Sri A.Muthiah and Trivandrum Sri R.Venkataraman). Interested in musicology and developed carnatic music appreciation (Rasika) and composing (Gaayaka) softwares ( and is doing research using computer. E-mail:
    Subroto Roy Dr.Subroto Mihir Chandra Roy, received his MA and Ph.D. in music from the University of Pune with additional qualifications in Journalism and Communication and in Education. He is the Academic Advisor MIT Sangeet Gurukul, Pune & Content Manager in Start-up Project of Internet Radio Shadja-Madhyam. See He has presented many research papers at conferences and many publications to his credit.He is a SAARC Research Fellow working on, 'Diminishing Cultures of South Asia' Project (2011-12) E-mail:
    Suguna Varadachari Mrs.Suguna Varadachari, a Top graded artist of the All India Radio, is a famous singer in the Karnataka Style. She had her advanced training in Music from Sri Musiri Subramania Ayyar and Sri Kalkatta Krishnamurthi. She received the M.Phil degree in Music of the Madras University. She was on the faculty of the Department of Indian Music, University of Madras, from 1984 to 2003. She has been honoured by various prestigious institutions in India and abroad. Many leading artists of present day have received advanced training from her. E-mail:
    Veerapandian S.A. Dr.S.A.Veerapandian also known as Dr.Vee, is now Course Director He was former Professor, School of Computing, SASTRA University, Thanjavur & Former Reader in Physics, Presidency College, Chennai. His published books include Ancient Music Treasures Exploration for New Music (2006) and in Tamil thamizh ichaiyiyal puthiya kaNtupitippukaL (2009). Some of his findings in the ancient texts are recorded in E-mail:
    Vidya Jayaraman Vidya Jayaraman is a technology consultant, currently pursuing a Masters degree in Samskrtam. Her primary interests are in Indian grammarian and linguistic theories, and the boundaries and crossovers between Tamiz and Samskrtam. She studies Vyakarana and other commentaries from Professors, Dr.Ram Karan Sharma and Dr.George Cardona. She is also interested in the history and textual traditions of Indian performing arts. E-mail:
    Vijayakumar , Alathoor Mr. Alathoor Vijakumar, is an Engineering Graduate and passionate Rasika. In 1993 he started Kalavardhani Cassettes to promote new talent in music. He has brought out ACDs and VCDs. He is also a composer of Kirtana-s and has introduced many new raga-s. He has worked in the area of Musical acoustics and Musical Prosody E-mail:
    Vijayalakshmi N Mrs. N.Vijayalakshmi is vainika and gayaka having been a daughter and disciple of Sri H.Y.Narayanan and Mrs.Rajalakshmi Narayanan, She had advanced training in vina from Smt. Kalpakam Swaminathan and in singing from Semmangudi Sri Srinivasa Ayyar. She completed her M.A. and M.Phil. degree courses in Music from the University of Madras, Chennai. She is an artistA-grade auditioned artist of the All India Radio and is also employed in All India Radio, Chennai as a Vina artist. Contact at e-mail - attn. Vijayalakshmi E-mail:
    Yasuhiro Okazaki Yasuhiro Okazaki, born in 1958, studied Sanskrit. and Indian thought in Hiroshima University under the guidance of Late Prof. Atsushi Uno and Prof. Shoryu Katsura; he also learned mathematics, western voice, especially chorus music, and musicology. He received MA Degree (Nyaya philosophy) from Hiroshima Univ. in 1985, and Ph. D. (Uddyotakara's Logic) in 2003. He started a study of Sangitaratnakara in1999, and is planning to translate it into Japanese entirely. Some parts of his Japanese translation have been published at Journal of Indian and Tibetan Studies( E-mail: